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Some Relations Never Demand

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Some relations never demand personal presence!
Its d confidence in d relation which assures dat wen needed d person will always b vd u!!

Relationship Is Not Winning Someone

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Relationship is not winning someone but loosing yourself to someone, when u r valued my some1 its not due2 ur excellent mind but due 2 purity of ur heart…

Learn The Wisdom Of Compromise …

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Learn The Wisdom Of Compromise …
It’s Better To Bend A Little
Rather Than
To Break A Relationship Forever

Death Is Not The Greatest Loss In Life

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Death is not the greatest loss in life,
The greatest loss is;
When relationship dies inside us,
While we r still alive……!

Big Fights Usually Break Relations

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Big fights usually break RELATIONS, but MINOR misunderstandings..
Spoil RELATIONS.. And the fact is.. SPOILED relations are more painful than broken ones..!

Good Relationships R Like Trees

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Good Relationships r Like Trees
They Demand
Attention & Care
In The Beginning
Once They Blossom They Provide You Shade In All Situations Of Life

Relationship Is Like Tajmahal

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Relationship is like Tajmahal-
Everybody wonders how beautiful it is!
But nobody can understand how difficult it was to build & maintain!!

Do U Know About The Things

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Do u know about the things which live after death?
Heart- 0 min
relation ship-4ever..

Lips Don’t Join When You Say

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Lips Don’t Join When You Say
L O V E,
That Is a Sign Of Distance .
But When You Say
Lips Join,
That Is a Sign Of Togetherness

The “Rain” May Cover The

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the “Rain” may cover the “Sun” but we know that the “Sun” never 4gets 2 shine, just like u.I may not even see u often. But u always “Shine” in my Prayers.Bcoz Of Our Relation

Relationship Is Like A Book

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Relationship is like a book , it may take few seconds to burn but years to write.
Write it carefully and Never let it burn.


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Not About Finding Similarities
It’s All About Respecting Differences..
U r My Friend not Bcoz U like Me but..
Bcoz I Accept U & Respect U d Way U are..

Never Try To Examine Your Love Relations

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Never Try To Examine Your Love Relations
They r Like Diamonds
When You Hit Them
They Don’t Break
May Slip Away From Your Life…

Relationship Doesn’t Get Closer By Meetings

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Relationship doesn’t get closer by meetings,
but it is sweetened by THOUGHTS.
I care for you in my own STRANGE ways.
May be you will never know,May be I will never show.

The Minute You Think Of Giving Up

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The minute you think of giving up any relation,
Think of the reason why you held it for so long..! ”
Good Nite
Have A Nice Night.