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I May Never

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I May Never Have The Opportunity to do great things for you.
I’ll always find a chance to do, Small Things For You in a GREAT way BY PRAYING.

Extending One Hand

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Extending one hand to help somebody has more value, rather than joining two hands for prayer.

If You Planted Hope Today

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If You Planted Hope Today
In Any Hopeless Heart,
If Someone’s Burden Was Lighter
Because You Did Your Part,
If You Caused A Laugh
That Chased Some Tears Away,
If Tonight Your Name Is Taken
When Someone Kneels To Pray..

Prayer Is Not A Spare Wheel

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Prayer is not a spare wheel that
you pull out when you are in trouble.
Use it as a steering wheel that
keep you on right path through out the life.

My Sweetest Memory

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My sweetest memory-UR msg,
My biggest sadness-The distance,
My biggest hope-i will HUG you soon
My strongest prayer relation continues forever.

Prayer Changes Things

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Prayer Changes Things
Worry Changes Nothing
So, Instead Of Worrying About
What You Can Do, Just Pray and Think Of What
GOD Can Do For You..

Prayer Is The Most Powerful

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Prayer is the most powerful weapon against downfall,
the most effective medicine against sickness,
and the most valuable gift to someone we care.

Prayer Is Not An Extra Option

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Prayer is not an extra option nor is it a last resort when all other methods have failed. When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works!

Prayer Is The Right Key

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Prayer Is The
‘———–. <> )
Right Key ‘—’
To Open
The Door Of Blessings Of
Remember ME In Ur Prayers Always…

A Prayer To Bless

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A prayer: to bless your way
A wish : to lighten your moments
A cheer: to perfect your day.

The Biggest Suspense Of Life

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The Biggest Suspense Of Life Is… You Know For Whom You Are Praying But….. You Never Know The Person Who Is Praying For You.

Prayer Is Where

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Prayer Is Where
An Amazing Exchange Happens.
You Hand Over Ur Worries To God and HE Hands Over HIS Peace to You.

When Earthly Help Is No Avail

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When earthly help is no avail, there is one friend who will never fail. Just lift ur eyes, the answer is there. For nobody knows the power of prayer. Have a worry free day.

A Prayer Can Go

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A Prayer Can Go Where I Can Not Go
I Can Be With You Without Being There….
I May Be Far
My Prayers Are Always With You.

Even You Go Under Last Layer

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Even you go under last layer of earth or above the 7th sky,deep in the ocean or on high peaks of glaciers, you’ll find my prayers covering and protecting you everywhere.